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Your Personal Fitness Coach

By K. Phillips, September 2012:

Life is all about the choices we make, and our health is no exception. Even most health risks that seem unavoidable, like being exposed to the flu in a crowded elevator or hereditary predisposition to a certain type of cancer, aren’t completely beyond our control. Often there is some precaution we can take to improve our chances of staying healthy, like using the stairs in flu season, or following a careful diet. The truth is, we could avoid most health problems, including that nasty flu, without going to extremes. In most cases, healthy living is a matter of consistently doing a few basic things to keep our bodies strong and our resistance high.

So why don’t we take better care of ourselves, then? We each have our reasons, but they usually come down to “it’s too hard” or “it takes too long.” So we excuse ourselves by underestimating the danger and overestimating our strength. “I didn’t catch the last thing that went around.” “I’m in better shape than most people my age.” “Surely that won’t happen to me.” But sooner or later it does happen, and we wish we’d made the effort or taken the time. Even if we just get run down and not actually sick, we operate at less than our full potential, which means we get less out of life and have less to give.

The good news, as usual, is that God is on our side. He’s given us bodies that are remarkably resilient, with built-in early warning, defense, and healing mechanisms. He’s also given us common sense, collective experience, and general guidelines in His Word for good health, and He’s led men and women of science to make discoveries that fill in many details. But He hasn’t stopped there. He wants to work with us one on one, to be our personal health and fitness coach. He’s just waiting for us to ask Him, and then do our part.

Do you want to feel better, perform better, look better, and live longer? Make God your partner so He can help you to be fit and healthy!

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