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You Never Loose by Giving

Photo credit- DeFerrol via Photopin cc

The old German shoemaker had just sent his boy with a basket of garden stuff and fresh bread to a poor widow. He worked hard at his trade and cultivated his little garden patch, yet nothing was more common in his life than some such deed as this. “How can you afford to give so much away?” I asked him.

“I give nothing away,” he said. “I lend it to the Lord, and He repays me many times. I am ashamed that people think I am generous when I am paid so much. A long time ago, when I was very poor, I saw someone in want, and I wondered if I could give, but I could not see how. I did give, and the Lord helped me. I have had some work, my garden grows well, and never since have I stopped to think twice when I have heard of some needy one. No, if I gave away all, the Lord would not let me starve. It is like money in the bank, only this time the bank never breaks, and the interest comes back every day.”


A well-to-do lady who had become a Christian late in life was one time walking along the city street accompanied by her granddaughter. Presently a beggar accosted them. The old lady listened to his tale and then, putting her hand in her purse, took out a half-dollar and placed it in his palm. At the next corner a woman of the Salvation Army was waiting and the old lady dropped a dollar in her kettle. As she did so her granddaughter looked at her curiously and then said: “Grandma, I guess you have lost a good deal since you have become a Christian, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” said the old lady, “I have. I have lost a hasty temper, a habit of criticizing others, a tendency to spend all my spare time in social frivolities and pleasures that mean nothing. I have also lost a spirit of avarice and selfishness. Yes, indeed, I have lost a good deal.”


Sam Foss was an enthusiastic traveler as well as a writer, and on one of his trips through rustic England, weary and thirsty, he came to a small unpainted house that stood atop a fairly steep hill. Near one side of the road was a crude signpost finger pointing to a well-worn path, and a sign that read, “Come in and have a cool drink.” Following the path a short distance he found a spring of ice-cold water, above which hung an old-fashioned gourd dipper. On a bench nearby was a basket of summer apples with another sign, “Help Yourself.”

His curiosity aroused, Foss sought out the old couple who lived in the little house and questioned them about the signs and the fruit. He learned that they were childless, and that their poor farm yielded them a scant living. But because they had such an abundance of cold spring water and fruit they felt rich and wanted to share it with any one who might pass that way. “We’re too poor to give money to charity,” the old gentleman said, “but we thought maybe in this way we could add our mite and do something for folks who pass our way.”

Photo credit: DeFerrol via Photopin cc

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