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The Master Sculptor

Agostino D’Antonio, a sculptor of Florence, Italy, wrought diligently but unsuccessfully on a large piece of marble. “I can do nothing with it,” he finally said. Other sculptors, too, worked with the piece of marble, but they, too, gave up the task. The stone was discarded. It lay on a rubbish heap for forty years.

Out strolling one day, Michelangelo saw the stone & the latent possibilities in it. It was brought to his studio. He began to work on it. Ultimately, his vision & work were crowned with success. From that seemingly worthless stone was carved one of the World’s masterpieces of sculpture–”David”!


Michelangelo lingered before a rough block of marble so long that his companion remonstrated. In reply, Michelangelo said, “There’s an Angel in that block & I’m going to liberate him.” Oh, what unbounding love would manifest itself in us towards the most loveable–the most vile–if only we saw what they might become, & in our enthusiasm for souls we cried out, “There’s the image of Christ–marred, scarred, well-nigh obliterated–in that dear fellow, & I’m going to make that man conscious of it.” (2Cor.3:18)


In one of the cathedrals of England there is a beautiful window through which the sunlight streams. It displays the facts & personalities of the Old & New Testament & the glorious truths & doctrines of the Christian revelation. This window was fabricated by the artist out of broken bits of glass which another artist had discarded.


O’er uncharted sea
To their heart’s desire
Do men of faith set sail,
While the beaten men
Walk with fearful hearts
Along life’s beaten trail.

The men of faith will challenge
Both men & Satan’s wrath,
But the beaten men will compromise
And walk the beaten path.

Beaten roads are for beaten men,
As they walk with measured tread,
With tuneless souls they move along
To dwell among the dead.

But men of faith climb unscaled walls,
And sail uncharted sea.
They dare to cross convention’s bounds
To set the captives free.

–Thomas Wyatt

photo credit: untitledds via photopin cc

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