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Teen walks Ten Miles for a Job Interview that Changes his Life

Teen walks ten miles for a job interview that changes his life (

Teen walks ten miles for a job interview that changes his life (

How far would you walk for a job interview? A mile? How about ten?

Ten miles is how far Jhaquiel Reagan planned on walking when he set out for his job interview across town in Indianapolis, Ind. Although it was the morning after an ice storm, Reagan was determined to make it. A few miles into his walk, he asked a man who was pouring ice salt on a restaurant parking lot if he was headed in the right direction.

The man was Art Bouvier, the owner of Papa Roux Po-Boys and Cajun food, a restaurant in the area. He told Reagan that the business he was looking for was 6 or 7 miles away, and the bus would be much better than walking. Reagan thanked Bouvier, and continued walking.

When Bouvier was driving down the street a few minutes later, he saw the teen still trudging through the ice. Since the area has no sidewalks, this was very dangerous.

Bouvier offered Reagan a ride. He learned that Reagan didn’t have enough money for the bus, and he was hoping to get a job to be able to provide for himself and his younger siblings. When his mom passed away two years ago, he was forced to finish high school from home while caring for his siblings.

Reagan’s work ethic inspired Bouvier, who gave him cash for lunch and offered him a job at the restaurant if the interview didn’t work out.

Reagan now works at Papa Roux. This inspiring story gained Internet fame, with 25,000 likes and 6,000 shares after Bouvier shared it through his Facebook account.

“Jhaquiel was walking to an interview…for a potential (but not guaranteed) minimum-wage job,” Bouvier wrote on Facebook. “In this weather.”

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