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Stability in Times of Instability


Stability In Times Of InstabilityYou can have a hotline with the One who can really help you. He has the answers, complete with landing gear–specific answers tailor made for you in your particular situation.

Is it hard to believe? You may feel like you’ve heard or read many such promises before. Each time, they failed to deliver, even those that were advertised as “guaranteed for life.” You may have believed those promises and bought into them, devoting your time and effort to attaining the rewards they painted in glowing colors before you. Now, maybe you’re not so sure anymore. You may have lost your job, your financial stability, perhaps even your dream home–and worst of all, there doesn’t appear to be any hope of a quick recovery. Everything you loved and valued feels like it could slip away any minute.

But will it?

Turn your focus for a moment toward your family and others you love and care for. Do you still have your kids, or your wife or husband, or your parents, or your sisters and brothers, or your friends? Consider the love, care, support, and encouragement you receive from those who are close to you. You can’t see or tally these blessings, but you can certainly feel them. If you look at your life with the right perspective, you’ll find that you really haven’t lost as much as you might at first think you have.

A wise man once said that even if you lost the entire world but still held onto your faith, then really you’ve lost nothing. If you have faith, the world is at your command. There are no unscalable heights, no uncrossable rivers, no impregnable walls, and no tsunami of economic depression that can pull you under.

Faith is the currency of the unseen world. Its exchange rate isn’t subject to economic fluctuations or stock market “corrections.” Faith’s intrinsic value is immeasurable. Faith can change your circumstances, conditions, and even your outlook on life. It doesn’t disappear in any recession, natural disaster, accident, or any other calamity. Faith can lift you up and out of any crisis, misery, debt, or loss, even those of your own doing.

You can securely put your faith in Jesus, because He will never let you down. Will you look to Him and ask Him for His gift of faith? He can place it in your heart, even if you can’t find it there yourself. In fact, if you ask Him, He can do something wonderful inside of you that will totally eclipse all loss. He loves you so much that there’s nothing He won’t do for you–as long as it’s good for you–if you ask Him in faith.

If you would like to experience the inner peace and stability that only He can give, you can. It starts by accepting Him as your Savior and inviting Him into your life, which you can do by saying these words:

Jesus, I want to know You personally, so I invite You to come into my heart. Thank You for giving Your life for me so I could be forgiven for my sins, find peace of heart and mind here and now, and receive God’s gift of eternal life. Amen.

Jesus is now eagerly awaiting your requests.

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