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South Sudan: Samaritan’s Purse Calls for Urgent Medical Help

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Image credit- Sidelife via Photopin, CC

By Peter Wooding, ANS, Feb. 1, 2013:

Samaritan’s Purse is calling for urgent help to meet the overwhelming demand to treat thousands of patients in desperate conditions in South Sudan’s Maban County with a population of more than 200,000, which includes over 110,000 refugees.

Bunj hospital ward

The charity recently expanded Bunj Hospital, the only medical centre in the whole of Maban County, by adding a new ward and operating theatre.

However they desperately need funding to expand the hospital further to cope with the huge intake of thousands of patients.

“The hospital is beyond maximum capacity every day,” said Samaritan’s Purse UK’s Head of Programmes and Projects, Chris Blackham, who just returned from visiting their work in South Sudan.

He added: “They have plans to construct and add new facilities to expand the services offered to those in need – an x-ray ward, a further surgical theatre, a paediatric ward, a tuberculosis in-patient ward and another women’s ward. These facilities will enable staff to provide life-changing treatment for another 175 people every week.”

Dr Atar

“People come in all the time, from all directions,” said Dr. Atar who runs the hospital and is the only full-time physician in the county. “We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are really overwhelmed with the situation”.

Dr Atar, who has served with Samaritan’s Purse for several years added: “We are the only ones here to help them, and we are the only witness for Christ among these people. Here, we do just a little to help, but God is with us. We can’t do anything by ourselves.”

You Tube Video on Bunj Hospital:

Bunj Hospital is adjacent to the Doro refugee camp, where Samaritan’s Purse is providing food, shelter, clean water and healthcare to more than 45,000 people.

Samaritan’s Purse is also in urgent need of surgeons to come and serve at the hospital for a minimum of a month at a time:
“We particularly need surgeons who could come and assist Samaritan’s Purse and would be able to work with refugees and provide medical services,” said Dan Stephens, Samaritan’s Purse South Sudan Area Coordinator.

Chris Blackham added: “We saw children being treated for severe malnutrition, women being nurtured back to health after life-threatening beatings, men learning to walk again after bombs shattered their limbs, and amidst it all families bringing new life into the world through childbirth.

“Every day around 100 people are being treated, each one of these with a life-changing story, the most significant part of which is the fact they are now alive and well thanks to Dr Atar and his team.
“They are working under enormous pressure with very basic tools and an ever-increasing line of new patients needing urgent assistance. God is their strength and they need your prayers to maintain this supernatural feat.”

Samaritan’s Purse UK Executive Director, Simon Barrington is calling for help to assist Dr Atar to expand this vital work: “My heart has been broken to see the pain and suffering of innocent lives in South Sudan, but with your help we can continue to bring healing and hope to thousands of these war-torn victims. We need to raise £50,000 to complete this vital hospital ward that will help Samaritan’s Purse bring healing to many more lives. And if you’re a surgeon willing to come and serve at Bunj Hospital we would be so grateful.”

For more details go to:

To donate go to:

If you would like to volunteer as a surgeon please email:

By Peter Wooding
Europe Bureau Chief for ASSIST News Service

Peter Wooding is an award-winning TV, radio and print journalist and media consultant under the name of Peter Wooding Productions ( Having previously spent 10 years as news editor with UCB Radio in the UK, he has travelled extensively reporting from countries including Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Dubai, South Korea, Zambia, Gambia, Mozambique, Croatia, Israel and India. He now reports regularly for CBN News, ASSIST News Service, GDOP London, Sorted Magazine and Christian Concern. Peter and wife Sharon live in North Wales, UK with their three children. Passionate to see God’s Justice and Mercy impact lives, Peter is director of a new UK ministry(>) to help at-risk young people in Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Kosovo, the Middle East and beyond. Contact Peter for consultation or tel. +44 1244 549167/+44 7500 903067

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Photo credit: Sidelife via Photopin, CC

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