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New Beginnings

Added by Holger Bergner on December 8, 2012. · No Comments · Share this Post

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Photo credit: Gary Simmons via Photopin cc

There’s always a chance to start anew. Even in the most trying times, there is more reason for hope than for despair. Even in the midst of uncertainty, there is an abundance of positive possibilities. Even when the world is awash in troubles, it is also filled with God’s goodness.

Compiled by H. Bergner:

Look behind you, down the road that you’ve come on. It’s dark and hazy. There are some patches where you can see nothing at all. Not much seems to make sense. You feel that you were wronged and mistreated, and perhaps even betrayed. Then there are places and times you don’t want to remember, things you’d much rather forget.

God can understand how you feel. He can understand the torment that goes on in your mind. It’s very real and you feel you have nowhere to go. It’s almost as if the same events keep happening over and over again. You want it to stop. You’d do anything to have it stop. “Is there a way out of this mental torment?” you ask.

Yes, He is there to bring you peace of mind. He wants to soothe your aching mind and heart. Turn to Him and He can lift these weights off your shoulders. They’re too heavy for you. You’re collapsing under the burden of remorse, of anguish over the past. You wish you could change it.

He can make you new inside. He can give you peace, despite the memories and their pain. Your future doesn’t have to be like your past. Those terrible things can eventually fade into oblivion, if you let Him begin to make something new of your life. How? He’ll do it for you. Just come to Him and give Him yourself. It’s that simple. He’ll do it because He loves you.


He knows how often you wish you had another chance, a fresh beginning, the opportunity to blot out your mistakes, to change past fiascos into successes. You can’t change the past, but you can still make a difference in the way your future goes. You can let go of the memories and mistakes from the past and learn to do things better today. You can learn from the past, gain experience and wisdom, and turn it into something worthwhile in your life by becoming a better person, the person He wants you to be.

You can have a brand-new start. All it takes is a deep desire to try with all your heart to live a little better, to love a little more, to be forgiving, to cast away bitterness, hurt, and the grudges that keep you chained to the past, and work on contributing positively to the world in which you live. You can begin now to build a wonderful future.

There are times when it can indeed be difficult to see the positive side of life. But even if you can’t see it, it’s there. No matter how dark the night may be for you, there is always a way to move steadily and optimistically through it into the light of a brand-new day and way of living.

You can make positive progress each day, contributing to a brighter tomorrow, even when the world and your circumstances say you can’t, even when situations seem to conspire against you. In fact, it is during difficult times that those who are committed to being positive, productive, and effective can have the greatest impact.

There’s always a chance to start anew. Even in the most trying times, there is more reason for hope than for despair. Even in the midst of uncertainty, there is an abundance of positive possibilities. Even when the world is awash in troubles, it is also filled with God’s goodness.

No matter what situation you are in right now, ask God to become more a part of your life and work with Him to turn your life around for the better.


He is your Heavenly Father, and He promised that no matter what has happened to you, or what kind of trouble you’ve gotten yourself into, He is there for you. If you’ll just ask Him, and let Him, and trust Him, He’ll fix things with you.

No, it’s not like He is going to undo the damage and turn things back to the way they were before. It’s not that way. What’s done is done. That’ll never change. Let it go. It’s over.

But if you give yourself to God totally, He’ll take the past—the mistakes, the screw-ups, everything that you’ve ever done and everything others have done to you—and He’ll make something good come out of it in the end. He’ll use it for good—not only for you, but for everyone else involved, if they’ll just let Him.

He is God. Even the biggest mess that you could possibly get yourself into isn’t bigger or greater than His love for you and His power to work on your behalf and to help you. Even if the only good thing that comes out of the mess is that it’s bringing you to this point of desperation in your life and driving you to Him, that’s something you can be thankful for, because He promised that by just asking and believing, you’ll be blessed with His love and forgiveness.

Sometimes it takes a real mess to get you down on your knees to ask for help. But when you do, when you finally give up and just let go and turn things over to Him, you’ll find out that He was really there all the time, just waiting to take over and to help things start going His way.

That’s what He is waiting for—for you to give it all to Him. If you do, He’ll help you to see the light through all the black and dark that surrounds you, and He’ll bring along something good out of all the bad because He truly loves you.

Photo credit: Gary Simmons via Photopin cc

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