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Microscopic Life – The Unseen World

hydraAstonishing microscopic videography and photography of God’s intricate creation can be found on Daniel Stoupin’s Microworlds Website. Daniel is a biology student and has developed a number of new photomicrography techniques. Watch his work on the video here. On his Site you’ll find remarkable photo galleries as well, which can be ordered in print form.

Video by Daniel Stoupin,, May 2012:

“We are surrounded by various living creatures, but how often do we notice the tiniest ones and how small can they be? Using sophisticated optic systems I am bringing even the smallest animals before your eyes; they can be magnificent and scary, fast-moving or hiding; most of them look nothing like animals we see every day…”

Daniel Stoupin is a biology student doing scientific research in the area of protistology. He studied biology at the Moscow State University and the University of Cologne and is now looking for options of getting into marine biology.

Microscopy has always been part of his work, but only recently he decided to try something new, he found and developed a number of photomicrography techniques and applied them to get images of such organisms that only few photographers would even look at.

(He is bringing his apologies for the narration quality)

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