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Look At The Sparrow

The short and personal messages in this category have been received and transcribed by a variety of Christians during times of prayer, repose and journaling. They are posted here for the readers encouragement, comfort and inspiration.

From “Journaling with God”:

My eye is on the sparrow as she flutters about in search of food and a place to nest. She trusts Me, and I guide her to a resting place. She doesn’t worry about what she doesn’t have. She just goes about her day and trusts that I will provide her needs. How small and numerous are the sparrows, and yet I know and watch over them all. I remember and care for each one.

You, My child, are far more precious to Me than all the sparrows combined, and if I show such concern for these small and seemingly insignificant creatures, will I not also care for you?

I know your troubles and I understand your fears. I am here to give you faith and answer your prayers, but I need you to trust Me as the little sparrow does. You don’t see her fluttering about in a panic, worried and flurried; she is calm and peaceful, knowing that My eye is on her and I will care for her as My own.

My eye is on you, too, and I stand ready to help. So trust Me, won’t you? Let Me do the worrying!

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