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Little Things, Big Impact

Photo credit: Gerlos via photopin cc

A ship once wrecked on the Irish coast. The captain was a careful one. Nor had the weather been of so severe a kind to explain the wide distance the ship had swerved from her course. The ship went down, but so much interest was attached to the disaster that a diver was sent down.

Among other portions of the vessel that were examined was the compass that was swung on deck, and inside the compass box was detected a bit of steel which appeared to be the small point of a pocket knife blade. It appeared that the day before the wreck a sailor had been sent to clean the compass, had used his pocket knife in the process, and had unconsciously broken off the point and left it remaining in the box.

The bit of knife blade exerted its influence on the compass, and to a degree that deflected the needle from its proper bent, and spoiled it as an index of the ship’s direction.

That piece of knife blade wrecked the vessel.


God turns the very great wheels of His omnipotence, His almighty power, on very very small pivots.


In a gun factory, an elongated bar of steel, which weighed five hundred pounds, was suspended vertically by a chain. Near it, an average-size cork was suspended by a silk thread. “You will see something shortly which is seemingly impossible,” said an attendant to a group of sight-seers. “This cork is going to set this steel bar in motion!” The cork was swung gently against the steel bar which remained motionless. For ten minutes the cork, with pendulum-like regularity, struck the iron bar. Then the bar vibrated slightly. At the end of an hour, the great bar was swinging like the pendulum of a clock!

Many of God’s children feel that they are not exerting a feather’s weight of influence upon others, or making a dent in the bastions of evil. Not so. How powerful is the cumulative influence for good which emanates from the obscurest of God’s children!


A teakettle singing on the stove was the beginning of the steam engine.
A shirt waving on a clothesline was the beginning of a balloon, the forerunner of the Graf Zeppelin.
A spider web strung across a garden path suggested the suspension bridge.
A lantern swinging in a tower was the beginning of the pendulum.
An apple falling from a tree was the cause of discovering the law of gravitation.


A small leak will sink a great ship.


Little strokes fell great oaks.


Photo credit: Gerlos via photopin cc

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