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Lawmakers Discuss Fiscal Cliff; Deductions still Possible?

Photo credit: SpeakerBoehner via Photopin cc, Official Photo by Bryant Avondoglio


The U.S. will reach the edge of its fiscal cliff in 2 weeks. House Representatives discussed the issue for the first time yesterday; not much progress was made, and charitable deductions are still on the table.

Bill Lohr with Faith Comes by Hearing says they’d like to believe it won’t affect giving, “but you just never know. There always are indications that whenever there is a change in tax policy, it changes people’s behavior.”

Political leaders have proposed cutting or capping deductions to generate more revenue for the U.S. government. In recent days, we’ve shown you how it would affect nonprofits and what the ripple effect means for the world’s poor.

Is there anything you can do about it?

“They can always contact their Representative and say, ‘We don’t believe you should be taking charitable deductions away,’” Lohr says. “That’s who’s going to vote on this: [House Representatives are] the ones who are going to make this decision.”

Click here to find contact information for your House Representative.

“It is beneficial to everyone in our community and our society to see that these charities are funded,” continues Lohr. “[Charitable deductions] do help the economy; they do help the charities that are involved.”

This summer, FCBH spoke with MNN about the ministry’s growth spurt despite a downward economic trend. Lohr hopes it’ll be the same in this case, too.

“It’s the Great Commission,” he states. “When Jesus talked about that and He gave that to us in Matthew, He wasn’t saying ‘Do this if you get a tax deduction.’”

Lohr sees the whole issue as one of two things.

“This is…either an obstacle to go around, and we will,” he states, “or it may be resolved, and by the first of the year this may be something we were just talking about as a hypothetical.

“Either way, we’re ready to move forward and do our work, and that is to complete the Great Commission.”

Donations from other countries where FCBH is working could help offset a sudden dip in U.S. giving. But Lohr says FCBH isn’t focused on possible losses. They’re concentrating on getting “God’s Word to all the peoples of the world.”

Read more about the work of FCBH by clicking here.

Above all else, keep praying for America’s leaders.

“We don’t know what the best overall situation is going to be,” Lohr reminds. “I think that we need to pray for God’s will in this situation, and that His wisdom and knowledge will prevail upon our leaders.”

By Mission Network News (MNN)

Photo credit: SpeakerBoehner via Photopin cc, official Photo by Bryant Avondoglio

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