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Jewish Hospital and Christian Group Join Forces to help Palestinian Children

Jewish hospital will offer free medical care to Palestinian children in partnership with Christian group. 

By Mark Ellis, Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service, Feb 26, 2013

JERUSALEM (ANS) – A top Israeli medical center and a Christian organization that ministers to Palestinian refugees have launched a new project, “Rescue the Child,” to provide free medical care to Palestinian babies and children from the West Bank and Gaza.

Karen Dunham ushers baby Esther out of Gaza to recieve medical treatment as part of ‘Rescue the Child’

“It is such a move of God to reach out in love and compassion to these children, who were dying and had such little hope,” says Karen Dunham, director of Living Bread Church International. “Isn’t it like God to team up a Christian organization and a Jewish hospital to show love to the enemies of Israel during this time?”

“That’s what Jesus did, reached out to the least of these. There are no borders that the Lord cannot move,” she says.

Dunham received a green light from the chairman of the Assaf Haroef Medical Center in late January and has already begun moving children in need of attention. “Living Bread will be moving the patients to them and back to Gaza,” Dunham notes. “It is an amazing door of love God is opening up.”

Some may be startled by the fact that Israel will extend medical aid to people that some consider their enemies. “Israel will be caring for children of families that threw missiles at them– this is very big news in the heavenly realm,” Dunham notes. “Love will not fail.”


Mark Ellis is a senior correspondent for ASSIST News Service and the founder  He is available to speak to groups about the plight of the church in restricted countries, to share stories and testimonies from the mission field, and to preach the gospel.

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