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Internet Opportunity for Philippine Youth

Photo credit: Stitch via Photopin cc

By Rosendo Cuyasen, Technorati, Nov. 29, 2012:

The recent launching of Yahoo! TechnoStorm Expo was a great success held at Trinoma mall last Monday, November 26. One of the highlights of this expo was the talk made by Ms. Jurist Gamban, head of Globe Telecommunications Inc. Tattoo@home where she talked about how parents can best talk to their children about using the internet.

Her talk on responsible internet usage especially for the youth can help parents deal and discuss with their children about how technology can benefit them and not weaken their character. She mentioned that the youth comprise the highest number of internet users in our country and most often fall victims to unsolicited harmful content that are being advertised online. Harmful content could include violence and sexual in nature that may trigger and influence how they think and act in this modern world. Gamban encouraged parents not to react negatively when they discover their children viewing inappropriate sites and videos. She added that as responsible adults, parents need to speak calmly and discuss the matter with their children on what they are watching on the internet. She reminded parents that getting angry and emotional do not solve the problem but being rational and objective can.

Some of the tips she mentioned on how to put internet usage to an advantage to our country’s youth is by setting time limits on using the internet, usage reporting to determine what sites they have been looking into, and providing alternatives like books and other tools to deviate their attention. She said that nothing beats responsibility and proactive parental guidance. Parents need to tell their children to be careful online just like how they would act when crossing the street or not talking to strangers.

There are many opportunities for growth that can be learned online like programming, web design, Internet marketing and many other others. It is important for parents to seek out and be knowledgeable about these innovations. Encourage children to be productive of their time usage in the internet. As young as they are, they can already do more of their spare time and hit two birds in one stone. They can learn how social media can be a means of part time income by using Twitter and Facebook. There are so many ways to grow and learn in this modern world. One just needs the right tools and the right attitude- you parents included.

Photo credit: Stitch via Photopin cc

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