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How To Be Happy While Struggling

The short and personal messages in this category have been received and transcribed by a variety of Christians during times of prayer, repose and journaling. They are posted here for the readers encouragement, comfort and inspiration.

From “Journaling with God”:

When money is scarce, your faith in My ability to supply for you is often tested. You might worry that My promises aren’t true, that I won’t supply for you as I said I would. But I will come through for you. Sometimes I answer immediately, but other times it takes awhile.

Many factors affect My ability to answer your prayers and provide for you, including the choices that you and others make, and sometimes you and I both have to wait till all the conditions are right.

In the meantime, count your blessings. Thank Me for what I’ve already given you, things that have more lasting value than material comforts, things that money can’t buy: the love of those dear to you, true friendships, peace of heart and mind, and the feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction that come from knowing and loving Me. Value those things above all, and you’ll have the key to happiness and My spiritual blessings, no matter what your material circumstances may be.

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