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China staggering from Landslides and Flooding

Photo credit: Matthew Stinson via Photopin, CC

By Mission News Network, July 15, 2013

China (MNN) ― Southwestern China is staggering from ongoing landslides and intense flooding.

As of Thursday, 28 were dead and 66 missing. 223,000 Chinese escaped to a temporary shelter.

It started with a storm a week ago, and the beating rain isn’t supposed to stop till tomorrow, according to China Daily.

Three bridges collapsed in Sichuan province, villages were cut off, and homes were crushed in the natural disaster last week. A highway tunnel was blocked with around 2,000 people inside. The trapped victims were freed last Wednesday.

These storms raging across southern China have affected over 3 million people, says the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Half of those people are from the Sichuan province where most of the missing residents are also located.

According to Compassion International, “Dujiangyan, Pengzhou, Jiangyou, Pengzhou and Beichuan in Sichuan province are affected by the heavy rains, causing river banks to overflow, sweeping away homes and multi-story buildings. Some people have been buried alive with no hope of rescue from the raging river.”

Emergency teams are currently working to clear landslide debris in Beichuan county. Beichuan was also the epicenter of the earthquake in 2008 that killed 87,000 people.

Compassion International sponsors vulnerable children in Asia, giving aid and sharing hope and comfort in Christ. They ask for prayer, “Pray for residents to be rescued and for safety for the rescuers.” Please also pray for believers to minister God’s hope and comfort in the midst of this disaster.

Photo credit: Matthew Stinson via Photopin, CC

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