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Don’t Give Up!

Added by Holger Bergner on November 5, 2012. · No Comments · Share this Post

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 Photo credit: TJ.Blackwell via Photopin, Creative Commons

Failure and setbacks are part of life, but I can refuse to let them get the best of me. “As long as I live, I have the choice to not give up!”

Guestblog by Elise Sichrovsky, November 5, 2012:

Jack is a white-haired man whose house I pass on my errands route. He always calls out a friendly greeting, and over time we’ve become good friends. His cheerful demeanor and lively personality make him a joy for me to be around, despite our age difference.

Last spring, Jack slipped on a wet bathroom floor, fell backwards, and hit his head hard. The impact brought on a stroke that resulted in recurring dizzy spells and headaches, blurred vision, permanent damage to his left eye, and loss of stamina.

After his granddaughter phoned with the news, I went to visit Jack in the hospital. I had pictured a sad, sullen Jack greeting me from his wheelchair, but to my surprise I was met by a smile. Jack waved me over to his chair with his usual enthusiasm. His speech was slow and halting and he was evidently in some pain, but Jack’s glowing smile never faded. We enjoyed a wonderful time together, sprinkled with Jack’s laughter and fresh sense of humor. How could he still be so upbeat after such a debilitating accident?

As if he knew what I was thinking, Jack touched my arm and said, “You know, Elsa, my dad is already 100 years old, but he’s stronger than I am. Recently he fell down a flight of stairs. Most people his age would have died instantly or at least suffered permanent injury. Not Dad! Instead, he immediately got up, turned around, and walked back up the stairs.” My mouth dropped open. “I may not have my dad’s physical strength,” Jack continued, “but I can share his strength of spirit! I’m getting back up again!”

I had a lot to think about on my way home. How many times, when stepping out to try something new or make a lifestyle change or pursue a goal, have I lost my footing and taken a fall? And how many times have I lain there questioning whether I had the strength or will to get up and try again? But each time that I refused to give up, I found deep within me enough strength to get back up.

Failure, disappointments, and setbacks are all part of life, but I can refuse to allow them to get the best of me. As Jack said that day, “As long as I live, I have the choice to not give up!”

Photo credit: TJ.Blackwell via PhotopinCreative Commons

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