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Daily Might: Although we stumble, we will not fall!

Photo credit: Samyra Serin via Photopin, CC

“Although we stumble, we will not fall.” (It’s as though every stumble is a fall upward. — We learn from it.)

The greatest men in the Bible were people that made terrible mistakes and realized they were sinners and needed God. — They were just ordinary men like you and me. They made their big boners just like you and I do. — All things truly work together for good to them that love the Lord. — No matter what it is. It may not always seem like it, but God often gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat. — For example, when God let King David fall for Bathsheba, and fall from grace in the eyes of the kingdom, did David really fall downward? — Or was this a fall upward? — Sometimes God’s way up is down — usually, in fact!

So don’t worry, even if you make a lot of mistakes. — Your mistakes are part of growing up! — And one way God has of keeping us humble. And if you have truly learned your lessons and been humbled and broken by the Potters hand through it, He will usually use your humiliating experience to make of you a better vessel in the, better fit for the Creators’s use!

So let us learn something even from our mistakes! — May the birds with the broken pinions, having learned their lessons from the snares of the Enemy, now learn to fly even higher than before!

Photo credit: Samyra Serin via Photopin, CC

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