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Coming Down the Fast Lane

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Maybe I accomplish less in having switched from the fast lane to the slow lane, but now I’m happier, more settled, more peaceful, and definitely more established with the Lord. He and I are walking together.

By Marc Vernier

I recently encountered a couple of physical afflictions. I suffered a spell of pneumonia and then, almost immediately upon being healed of that, I tore a ligament in my knee. So for two months I was pretty much laid up with these ailments and recoveries. Before that I had been busy trying out my newfound ministry of small-part acting and modeling—a new means to raise supplementary income in the country where my wife and I reside—while I continued, as I have for many years, on my main ministry of helping to put publications into the local language.

I was a little mystified as to why I was struck down with these “obstacles” of physical disabilities. For quite a few weeks I was having to rest a lot, have others bring me food, assist me with my physical loads, even help me to get dressed. It was quite humbling. Having been a full-time missionary and dedicated Christian for many years, well over half my life, I’m trained, you could say, in looking for the spiritual reason for events in my life. But I must admit, I was a little mystified about why I was laid up when I could much better serve the Lord by being busy, earning needed income for our future “sunset” years, etc.

Slowly it dawned on me what the problem might be. One red warning light, flashing at the back of my consciousness, was the feeling that maybe I was a little out of touch with the Lord’s voice. Though I would, without fail, commune with the Lord every day, it didn’t allay this feeling of being adrift. Something seemed missing. I was feeling more and more isolated. Something or even someone seemed missing in my life, but I didn’t know what or who. It may sound funny, but it was how I felt.

Someone was missing, and I’d think, Is it so and so? Or, If I had that, I’d be happy.Always someone or something was missing, and hence my dissatisfaction.

I was busy, busy, busy, and in a sense happy, but I seemed to have taken a turn somewhere, and my route was taking me where I didn’t want to go. Life was becoming a blur, like being on a merry-go-round. It was satisfying in a way, but only in a shallow sense, not deep down in my heart, and only going round and round.

Speed had been a part of my life, something I’ve often equated with fun and good times. Even as a child, I’d often run to school or run home. (I think it was more often I’d run home!) I never really liked to walk. Even when I’d power walk for exercise, I’d never accept being passed by anyone unless they were jogging. I’d determine that if I was with walkers, no one would overtake me. Now, to even walk slowly is something I’m barely attaining. I’m relegated to the “slow lane.”

There are a lot of references in God’s Word about going slow, even being stationary. “Be still and know that I am God.”1 Moving around, especially at high speed, can work against our contact with Him. We miss things, forget things, and wear out quickly.

While sitting down at home, often with a thermometer in my mouth, or later with my knee incapacitated, and not feeling very glorious, I discovered the Lord again. In stopping my frantic pace, His still voice became apparent, and the way He sees things settled into my consciousness and His thoughts became my thoughts. “Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I have kept Thy word.”2

Maybe I accomplish less in having switched from the fast lane to the slow lane, but I’m happier, more settled, more peaceful, and definitely more established with the Lord. He and I are walking together.

And then I realized, He was the one I was missing. Not anybody or anything else. And with that relationship restored, everything else fell into place.

1 Psalm 46:10.
2 Psalm 119:67

Photo credit: Mt.Washington Auto Road via Photopin, CC

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