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Come Up Here

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Photo credit: Diloz via Photopin, Creative CommonsYou’re charging ahead with at least one major problem (probably several) eating away at your nerves.

What do you do?

It’s better to face your problems than to run from them. Everyone knows that.

But for those of us who believe that the supernatural favor of God is working to our advantage for His glory, might I suggest … there’s a third, and infinitely better, option:

Make the Spirit-led decision to elevate above your problem before you deal with it at all. Whatever you have to deal with today, first determine to access the perspective shaped by the promises and presence of Christ.

You always have the choice to look up and let the connection that you share with God pull you up.

Now you’re ready to deal with your issue from the highest level—the very altitude and airspace of God. Your doubts and worries won’t loom so large from up there.

If you stand toe to toe with your issue, addiction, deficit, fear, or temptation, you’ll be intimidated by what you see and shut down before you get the chance to fight.

But if you get up above the issue, and refuse to wrestle around with it in the mud of self-centered thinking and faithless strategy, everything about your approach will change.

I love how, in the book of Revelation, in the midst of unbearable persecution and mind-boggling uncertainty, Jesus gave John a simple first step: “Come up here…”1

See, Jesus knew something about John that is just as pertinent to you and me:

If we get up where Jesus is, we’ll see what He sees.

When we see what He sees, we’ll know what He knows…

And we’ll be empowered to do whatever He calls us to do.

When we take our seats in heavenly places with Christ by focusing on Him, surrendering to Him, and trusting in Him, it positions us to descend on our problems with a divine confidence.

Lots of times, our main problem isn’t our problem. Our biggest problem is our perspective on our problem.

Get up above the domain of hand-to-hand combat today. You’re not strong enough to take much ground grappling like that.

Instead, take it to the Lord in prayer. And launch an aerial assault on the devil that will blow him back 10,000 miles away from the plans God has for you.—Pastor Steven Furtick


Rising above means that things which seem they would be a certain way, don’t have to be that way; we’re not held back or held down by physical circumstances; our surround­ings or even the situation we’re in doesn’t dictate our reactions, our victory, our fruit, our anointing, or our happiness.

Of course, there are rough moments. There are times when we’re affected by our circumstances, or we feel the press or the strain of the situation that we’re in. That’s human and normal. But we always have the choice to rise above. We always have that option, because God made it available to us. There’s never a time when we’re destined to be bound to the things of the earth, because we have the power to overcome.

There will always be things surrounding us that are difficult to bear. There will always be things that the Enemy tries to distract us with. There will always be things that He allows in order to keep us humble and desperate with Him. But we’re not to stay down in them, wallow in them, or be held down by them. We’re to rise above them! In so doing, we’ll find that we’re even stronger than before.—Author unknown


Let the Divine Mind flow through your own mind, and you will be happier. I have found the greatest power in the world is the power of prayer. There is no shadow of doubt of that. I speak from my own experience.—Cecil B. DeMille


The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective.—Al Neuharth 3


Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.—Arthur Christopher Benson


Life’s battles are fought in the Secret Place,
Where we meet with the Saviour face to face—
Where the stubborn will is by Love subdued,
And our lagging faith by His pow’r renewed.

Life’s vict’ries are won in the Secret Place,
When we cease from struggling and trust His grace:
When for our own weakness, His strength we claim,
And go forth to conquer in His blest name.

Oh the glory that waits in the Secret Place,
Where our pleading cries become hymns of praise—
Where we learn the wonder of being still,
And yielding all to His blessed will!

Oh keep me, Lord, in the Secret Place!
Oh keep my eyes on Thy blest face!
Oh keep me looking alone to Thee
For grace and power and victory.
—Avis B. Christiansen


1 Revelation 4:1.
2 American Publisher/Columnist/Founder of USA Today.

Photo credit: Diloz via Photopin, Creative Commons

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