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Be Grateful When God Favors You

Watch how Bill Johnson builds a scriptural case on God’s favor and thankfulness. “When is God is favoring you and blessing increases, it’s important to increase your gratefulness along with it. Without thankfulness blessing makes you complacent.”

“If God favors you, He doesn’t do it for your own sake, but for the sake of others, for the people surrounding you. There are so many different realms of wealth (in our lives) if you will, it’s all that and a million times more. But the Lord would favor you in many ways, but it’s never to end with the person He gives it to. Because then what happens is, then we become the Dead Sea – water flows into it, but nothing goes out – that’s why it’s called the Dead Sea. Any kind of God’s favor comes to you and then it ends with you, then you’ve become the Dead Sea. Because the favor is for the sake of the people around you, it’s when the king becomes the servant of all, that’s the process.”

The actual sermon starts at around 8:30 minutes.

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